When you start listening words like “Bong Sweets” then how do you feel? Maybe Lord knows how you’ll react, but seriously, this is so delicious. We all know, Kolkata is well-known for its rich culture and cuisines, but if you’re missing — don’t fret — there’s a Bengali hub for Delhiites which creates similar magic and will not leave you disappointed.

You might have heard about this Bengali Paradise, but if you haven’t, then it located in Chittaranjan Park (which is also known for CR Park). Here you can search the best of all, from Kolkata’s delicious street foods like Puchka to Mishti Doi, and everything in between. Well, we’re just trying to satisfy the sweet spot of our tongue. Am I right? So let’s begin.


* Annapurna Sweets: which is known for its Rosogullas and Mishti Doi. We even noticed that there’s a sweet fragrance of sugar in the air, whenever we crossed the sweet corner. We recommend you to try their “Kheer Kodom”, basically, a khoya dumpling stuffed with a rasgulla. But make sure that you get some extra parceled for when you crave for more afterward!


* Kamala Sweets: one of the famous ones, indulge in some mind-boggling bong sweets. We strongly recommend you to go and try their “Sandesh”. It has a wide variety of “Sandesh” to choose from which also includes yummy flavors like chocolate and strawberry. However, there are lots of delicious items to taste such as Jaffran Sandesh, Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Maalpooah, Lord Chomchom, etc. A kind of place for a sweet tooth!


* Rasoraj Sweets: quite popular, but frankly speaking it doesn’t score higher than a Kamala or an Annapurna, in Chittaranjan Park. This sweet corner is well known for their Cham-Cham, Gur Rosogulla, Rabadi, Paneer ki Jalebi, and last but not the least, the Mishti Doi. You can try any of them because they serve authentic Bengali sweets!

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