Money, good looks, a ripped physique – what is it that one single thing in men that makes women go crazy? We asked 20 Indian women to tell us what gets them going. Well, let’s just say, after reading this, we’re quite impressed at how discreet they can be about checking us out!

1. “When you can see the hint of chest hair through his unbuttoned shirt. Sexy AF.” Kriti, 22

2. “Guys with spectacles. They look so nerdy. The shyer, the better.” Jasmine, 22

3. “A man in a crisp white shirt. Especially when a guy who you know usually wears T shirts, turns up in a shirt. It’s a HUGE turn on.” Natasha, 23

4. “Guys who can hold a conversation. Every time I meet a guy who doesn’t get awkward talking to me, that’s hot.” Mannat, 29

5. “A man sweating from hard physical work, with a chiseled chest and a six pack. *deep breath* Okay, I need to stop.” Zoya, 24

6. “When he gets demanding and dominant in bed. When he says what he wants to do and how he wants to do and goes ahead and does it without asking.” Mani, 21

7. “Strong forearms accompanied by those casually rolled up sleeves. They look like could actually fell a tree unlike those wannabe hipsters.” Charu, 33

8. “Rich guys are hot. Not all of them, but most of them. Okay yeah, I’m materialistic. FTW.” Deepali, 26

9. “When a guy is intelligent enough to sit and discuss String Theory with me. Instant ladyboner.” Namrata, 22

10. “The happy trail. I find it insanely hot. Especially is he’s well built.” Naina, 27

11. “Good looking men are all right. But a deep, husky voice is all I need to get knocked off my f*cking feet.” Mitali, 22

12. “That nice, round butt (think Brad Pitt) – making curvy men sexy since forever.” Juniper, 22

13. “A rough stubble on a chiseled jawline. It makes them look so sexy.” Rimi, 21

14. “Guys with veiny hands. There’s something really sexy about guys with veins popping out of their hands and feet. How weird am I?” Gunjan, 24

15. “ I’m instantly attracted to men with broad shoulders. So macho!” Nikita, 20

16. “When a guy bends down and he’s wearing a nice, fitting underwear. Makes me want to rip it right off!” Sneh, 26

17. “High cheek bones. Enough said.” Navjyot, 28

18. “A guy who plays sports is an instant turn on for me.” Nandini, 20

19. “When you are speaking to a guy and he smiles and turns out, he has dimples. Oh man!” Nabila, 21

20. “Men with dogs. A man who cares for animals is my kinda guy.” Sameeksha, 22

21.  “Sense of humour. A guy who can make me laugh really hard.” Deepika, 28

22. “A guy with a book. And not Chetan Bhagat, please. A good looking guy reading Murakami sitting under a tree – what a dream!” Nitya, 28

23. “Dirty talking, dude! Turns me on like a fountain.” Reshma, 27

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