Travel in a train and you come across every kind of person that lives in our beloved country. You hear conversations about family troubles, love proposals, the sweet business deals, the pathetic state of this country and so many more.

You get a lot of insight into how people think, and Dyuti Sudipta came across a conversation that is eerily familiar to most of us today –

Overheard in Metro.
Guy 1: Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai. Idhar side itna bhara hua hai, par fir bhi hume wahan jaake baithna allowed nahin hai. Khali padi hui hain seatein.
Guy 1: (Look, the ladies coach is completely vacant. Our compartment is crowded as hell, but we still cannot go and sit there, even though the seats are empty.)

Guy 2: Haan yaar. Dekh, poora coach de rakha hai unko, wo bharti hain nahin, upar se humare coach mein bhi do do seatein de rakhi hain, hum baith gaye to utha diye jaate hain, bhale poora unka coach khali pada ho. Wo to bhar lein pehle!
Guy 2: (Yeah, dude. Look, they have given a whole coach for them, and they do not even use it, and they have reserved seats for them in our compartment too. We sit on them and we are told to vacate them, even though their whole coach is lying vacant. Fill your coach first!)

Aunty: Aap log paida hi nahin hone de rahe ho na beta, aur naseeb se paida ho bhi rahi hain to unko padhne likhne, bahar nikalne se rok rahe ho jee jaan lagake. Ye sab kaam band kar do, kokh mein maar dena, doodh mein dubo dena, rok tok karna, fir dekho na beta, metro ki seatein kya, office ki kursiyan, khel ka maidan sab kuch bhar dengi ye, par usi cheez se to darr rahe ho aap, hai na? Hai na beta?
Badass Aunty: (You do not let us women take birth son, and we do not have education in our destiny, you vehemently do not let us women get out of our houses. Stop doing things like killing us in the womb, drowning us in milk, and then you will see that all the metro seats, office chairs, sports playgrounds will be full of women. But you fear exactly just that, don’t you son?)


Salute to this Badass Aunty 😀

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