Love watching cooking shows and learning new recipes, even some unusual ones? We suggest you head to YouTube. Now, how often do you see an elderly man from a small village teaching you authentic South Indian cuisine? You can catch him in action on a YouTube channel, ‘Village Food Factory’. It’s not the recipes alone that will astonish you, but also the way he teaches you the tricks required to master the art of cooking- like cleaning a crab and cooking with stingrays! He makes it all look so easy.

In his world, no sophisticated techniques are used to create a dish. The channel highlights traditional form of cooking, using natural fuel and brick stoves and is a heaven for food enthusiasts, especially those interested in non-vegetarian dishes. Be it quail, prawn or street food like Kothu parotta, you can learn it all. In just three months, the channel has gained immense popularity and garnered a number of subscribers.

The elderly man who speaks Tamil also cooks food in large quantity with great ease. His recent video – uploaded on the channel – shows him cooking egg curry with 300 eggs!

The videos are shot by his children and the man seems to be open about being filmed. Each recipe ends with the ‘chef’ relishing the cooked dish. In all honesty, the cheerful and humble man, wearing a shirt and lungi will melt your heart.

The only problem one may face is understanding the language. However, picking up the techniques from the video need not be very tough for seasoned cooks.