With less than two weeks left for Barack Obama’s presidency, people are sharing their memorable Obama moment during the amazing eight years journey. Compiled in form of a video, released by the White House, this will certainly bring tears to many.

The moving video features people from all sections of the society and age. From little kids to imminent personalities, people are sharing their cherished memory about the president and the historic moments that made them believe change is possible. Titled “Yes, we can”, the video point backs at the significant moment from his presidency, like that of the passing of Obamacare Bill or that of making same-sex marriage legal, it brings in common people whose lives he has touched and changed.

There are also moments by Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeners, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates who all share their fond memory when actions of President Barack Obama have given the world a hope for a better tomorrow. The pictures used in the video from Obama’s various tours and interaction with people also make the video beautiful.

The video starts with people recalling their inaugural ball in 2008, and by juxtaposing pictures of the first family, it gets too emotional to handle. Including moments of his Cuba visit and singing at the school, the video highlights how much he made a difference at ground level. And of course, it did not miss the mic drop moment from his final White House dinner.

Here is the video,