Five states went for their primaries yesterday—Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Both the frontrunners of the Democratic and Republican parties won as per expectations.

Donald Trump swept the five states with margins rivaled only by his huge home state New York win, winning the vote in almost every single county, in every single state.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich were nowhere to be seen. The two rivals have entered into a pact, agreeing to cede states to each other so that both can concentrate on defeating Trump.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, won four states comfortably but lost Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders who refuses to give up. Sanders reportedly said after his sole win that he’s in the race to win it.

The delegate count stands thus—Donald Trump 950, Ted Cruz 560, John Kasich 153, Hillary Clinton 2141 and Bernie Sanders 1321.
Immediately after his victory, Donald Trump bashed fellow winner Hillary Clinton and said that if she wasn’t a woman, he was doubtful if she would win even “5%” of the votes she has secured so far. Trump said, “I think she’s a flawed candidate and she’s going to be easy to beat”. Hillary Clinton obviously didn’t let the matches go easily.

Using her victory rally in Philadelphia to get back at Trump, Clinton bashed him for accusing her of “playing the woman card”. She said, “Well if fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.
Even though there are states still left to go for primaries and caucuses, the race in the words of Donald Trump is almost over as both Trump and Clinton are extremely close to the magic number required to win a nomination. Indiana, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico go for primaries next.

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