President Donald Trump says he and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are “leaders in social media.” The two leaders met at the White House on Monday, conveying a joint articulation from the White House Rose Garden.

“I am pleased to declare to the media, to the American individuals, and to the Indian individuals that Prime Minister Modi and I are world’s leaders in online networking. We’re devotees,” Trump said.

“Giving the residents of our nations the chance to hear specifically from their chose authorities and for us to hear straightforwardly from them,” Trump included. “I get it’s worked exceptionally well in both cases.”

In what was Modi’s first visit to the White House since Trump’s initiation in January, the two pioneers talked about relations between their particular nations, cooperating to handle psychological warfare and future business openings.


Trump likewise accepted the open door to adulate Modi amid his visit. “He is such an awesome Prime Minister. I have been talking with him and perusing about him,” Trump said. “He is making an awesome showing with regards to. Financially, India is doing and in such a large number of different ways. I might want to salute him for this.”

He added to Modi: “I have dependably had a profound appreciation for your nation and your people, the rich culture, and customs.”

“The connection between India has never been exceptional and more grounded,” Trump included.

Modi invited Trump and his family to visit India and spoke about expanding trade relations between the two countries so that they can become bigger global engines of growth. He added that “destroying terrorists and safe havens will be our aim. Eliminating terrorism is among the top-most priorities for both nations.”


Modi, demonstrating the online networking award from Trump, tweeted later on Monday: “Collaborated with best CEOs. We had broad dialogs on circumstances in India.”

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