It’s a sad end to a bitter fight. Senator Ted Cruz on Monday pulled out of the US presidential race after an embarrassing loss at the hands of Donald Trump the juggernaut. By the time polling ended, Trump had 51 of the 57 delegates up for grabs comfortably in his pocket. The beaming businessman announced in a victory speech, It is a beautiful thing to watch, and a beautiful thing to behold…We are going to make America great again.”

Donald Trump’s victory marks the stunning takeover of the Grand Old Party by a man with zero political experience, despite several inappropriate, insensitive, misogynistic and downright racist remarks along the whole way. Even though the top guns of the Republican party have been opposed to Trump’s candidacy which many beliefs was even allowed to go on initially as a joke, there seems to be no stopping the candidate now from becoming its official nominee. Trump has some way to go to the magic number 1237, but with more than 1000 delegates firmly on his side, in his own words, “this thing is over”.

Ted Cruz who was the only serious opposition to Trump’s triumphant victory roll so far has also now run out of steam. He announced his departure from the race in front of a houseful of supporters who gasped and screamed ‘no’ when he said, “We left it all in the field in Indiana”. The only other candidate left in the race is John Kasich, but with less than 200 delegates so far by his side, he doesn’t really pose a challenge.

Democrats, on the other hand, chose Bernie Sanders in Indiana over Hillary Clinton. Sanders vows that the race for him is far from over, even though a division-by-vote-share rule for the Democrats will ensure the delegate gap between him and Clinton doesn’t change much.


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