More than 3,000 people got nude and blue to participate in an art project Saturday commemorating Hull, England’s maritime history.

Hull City Council said the art project, named Sea of Hull, is the largest ever staged in the United Kingdom. BBC reported

The photograph involved 3,200 participants from 20 countries posing at various landmarks throughout Hull, located about 150 miles outside London. The event was commissioned by the Ferens Art Gallery and will be displayed during the 2017 UK City of Culture events.

The atmosphere in the city Saturday was filled with humor, warmth and friendly people, The Independent reported, with media from around the world distributing photos of the scene.

Some said their initial nerves evaporated within seconds as all, on cue, stripped down and went blue. Bodies were checked for proper paint coverage as strangers painted each other.

Those gathered at dawn covered each other with four shades of blue body paint to participate in the project, moving around to the citiy’s best known historic scenes,The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Charlotte Wood, one of the participants, tweeted about what fun she and a friend had participating. Wood’s grandmother also participated.

Those locations included the former Queens Dock, now a city centre park, the Guildhall and the award-winning Scale Lane swing bridge over the River Hull.

Thousands of volunteers gathered just before dawn to be daubed with four shades of blue body paint which represented water.

They posed at a number of locations across the city including Queen’s Gardens, the Guildhall and the Scale Lane swing bridge, for a photo shoot that lasted about four hours.

One of the participants included 80-year-old Stephane Janssen, from Brussels, who has posed for Tunick on 20 previous occasions.

“It’s just aesthetically fantastic. It’s beautiful, we are little strokes of paint. Everybody is equal – no race nor sex difference – I mean, everybody is the same, naked…and that’s what I love,” he said.

Sarah Hossack, from Hull, said it was “absolutely fantastic” to be part of the artwork.

“I’ve been naked since four o’clock this morning. But it was so much fun, so inclusive and just brilliant, like a festival atmosphere. We’ve all got closer together as people over the last few hours.

“It’s just fantastic and just what the city needs.”