Last year, young man Athar Aamir Khan lost the first place in the UPSC exam to Tina Dabi.

Then, he lost his heart to her.

Recently, Tina, the 22-year-old who topped the UPSC exam in 2016, shared on Facebook a life event where she declared herself to be ‘in a relationship’ with Aamir.

While their families have been supportive and happy about their relationship, many others haven’t.

“I am very happy with my choice and so is Aamir. Our parents are happy too. But there will always be those elements, that small minority who will always pass negative comments about dating someone from another religion,” she said.

“There are comments that are anti-caste, targeting reservations, religion. It’s as if I have committed a crime by falling in love with someone who is not the same religion or caste as me.”

That, however, hasn’t put a dent in their relationship.

“It is just that 5 per cent. The majority are very happy. You would have seen in my Facebook timeline that most of the comments are encouraging. In fact, I am overwhelmed by the support and congratulatory messages.”

At the end of the day, it’s a happy, healthy, prosperous love story that counts. We wish Tina and Aamir all the best.