The tension between US-North Korea remains intact. On Tuesday night, US military bombers blew up North Korea’s Penisula area. Tried to show your strengths. Let us tell you that such a US military plane did when President Donald Trump had met shortly before. In that meeting, he had discussed with officials how to respond to some threats from North Korea.

North America’s recent movements troubled America

In recent days, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong has increased the stir. North Korea left the missile over Japan on the orders of Kim Jong, a few weeks ago. Earlier, for the sixth time, there was a nuclear test. North Korea is constantly making such missiles that will be able to directly attack America. This is why the US is upset about this.

How powerful are American bombers

Two US Air Force B-1B and Fighter Plane F-15K flew They are making their base at Guam Airbase in South Korea. On Wednesday, a joint statement from South Korea’s joint chief confirmed the bombing of the bomber. After entering South Korea’s airspace, two bombers also carried air-to-ground missile drills on the east coast.

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