Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi met students at the Princeton University of America late on Tuesday night, according to Indian time. During this dialogue, Rahul has fiercely attacked the Narendra Modi government. Rahul said that Modi government is failing to create jobs.

Rahul Gandhi explained the central problem of current India to the reduction of centralization of political system and employment generation. Rahul also pointed towards low budget in education and health.

Rahul said, “The jobs which should have been created should not have happened, jobs are the biggest challenges, every day 30,000 unemployed youths are coming in the market, but jobs are only getting 400.”

In response to the next question, Rahul said, “The challenges come, and the system needs to be ready to fight those challenges, I think some big challenges are coming out. There are some drawbacks in this. ”

Referring to the ‘Make in India’ scheme launched by the Narendra Modi government in the center, Rahul said, “I think the goal of Make in India should have been to bring benefits to small industries, but under this, Targeting is going on. ”

On the political atmosphere of the country, Rahul said, “The centralization of the political system is the central problem of India today, the process of lawmaking needs to be made more transparent, I also try to apply it inside the party. But everyone does not like it because this peace is going to dissolve. ”

He said, “Decentralization is always good, but the matter is not just about decentralization but decentralization at the right level and at the appropriate level.”

Rahul said that compared to the whole world, in the last few decades India has succeeded in bringing a large number of people out of poverty, there is no other country. Rahul also expressed his concern over the problem of fundamental structure. Rahul said that while there have been major changes in India, the overseas Indians have had a big role in the backdrop of those changes.

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