Swasti Nitya, a 11 year old Bhagalpur girl has won the second season of children’s acting talent hunt show “India’s Best Dramebaaz”. The grand finale marked the end of the dramatic journey of 16 ‘dramebaazes’ who dazzled on the screen with performances.

Swasti was viewed by the judges as a complete entertainer, a mature performer and hence emerged as top contender for the trophy. In addition to the coveted trophy, Swasti walked away with a cheque of Rs five Lakh.

Now that she is a celebrity in her own right, you all must have wondered at some point about how is she in real life? What are her likes and dislikes and is she just like any other kid of her age?

We were curious too. So, our team of  Vanilla News sat down with Swasti for a skype session yesterday and we had a lot of fun. She is as sweet as she is talented. Oh! And she doesn’t like cartoons! 😀


Here is the exclusive interview as it went.

Vanilla News: Hello Swasti! First of all, congratulations on winning the show.

Swasti Nitya  : Thank you.

Vanilla News: Now, we will ask you a few questions and you answer them as you like it.

Swasti Nitya  : Okay!

Vanilla News: How are you feeling right now? After winning the show?

Swasti Nitya  : Hehe. I am having a lot of fun and feeling very happy. It is just that, it is still hard to believe that I have become India’s best dramebaaz.

Vanilla News: Out of all the people you met at the show, how many are you still in touch with?

Swasti Nitya  : Umm, all the contestants are in touch with each other. We call each other all the time and we are always talking. We also have the judges’ numbers and we talk regularly via whatsapp.

Vanilla News: Tell us, who was your favorite judge out of the three?

Swasti Nitya : Umm, my favorite judge was Vivek bhaiya (Vivek Oberoi) because he was very encouraging. I mean, even when we didn’t do that well, he would tell things very nicely and made us feel good about ourselves. Also, he would have a lot of fun with all the kids. He would come and take a lot of photos, selfies with us. Actually, all the three judges were great.


Swasti (the one with the moustache) with judges, guests and other contestants of India’s best Dramebaaz 2016



Vanilla News: We would like to know, how did you start dancing and acting? How did it start?

Swasti Nitya  : All my aunts dance at home. So, that is how I started dancing. Acting I never learnt. Because I danced, I also tried acting sometimes. Then there was a show called ‘Chhote Miyan’ which I did. From there I got interested in acting.

Vanilla News: So, you have never taken any formal training for acting before?

Swasti Nitya : No! Actually, at home, during festivals, we do plays like at Janmashtmi and of Annapurna Ma etc. So, I act in those plays.

Vanilla News: So, you do only acting or you also study sometimes?

Swasti Nitya : Hehe. I study too. Actually, going to the show was a plus point as there we had to learn long scripts very fast. So, now, it is easy to learn long notes from school.

Vanilla News: Do your classmates know about your winning the show? Did you tell them?

Swasti Nitya : No. It is a surprise for them. I want them to watch themselves on TV.

Vanilla News: Tell us one thing. What is the similarity between the Swasti we see on TV and the Swasti at home?

Swasti Nitya : There is more dissimilarity than similarity. The only similarity is that I keep acting at home too. Dissimilarity is that I was very quiet and well mannered at the sets. At home I am always having fun and I am very naughty. Everyone is telling jokes or Pjs at home and so do I! I fight a lot with my brothers and cousins. Dhamaachaukri ekdum! *giggles*

Vanilla News: Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Swasti Nitya : My favorite actress is Madhuri Dixit. One because she is a great dancer and I also love her acting. I want to become like her.


Swasti wants to become like Madhuri Dixit!


Vanilla News: So, have you ever met her?

Swasti Nitya : Tch! No na! But I really want to meet her. She is Saroj Khan Didi’s student na, so once what happened is that I went to Saroj Khan Didi’s institute and she just left in front of me as I entered and I couldn’t meet her. Ekdum thoda sa time se miss ho gya milna (I missed meeting her by a whisker)!

Vanilla News: Ohho! Chalo, no issues. Maybe after we publish this interview, she will meet you.

Swasti Nitya : Hmm.

Vanilla News: Who loves you more? Mummy or Papa?

Swasti Nitya : Umm. Both!

Vanilla News: You can’t say both. You have to choose any one of them.

Swasti Nitya : No no! Let me tell you how they both love me equally. Mumma corrects my mistakes and is very supportive while Papa never scolds me and is always very lenient.

Vanilla News: Oh! Ok! Recently, there was a movie called ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. There was a role of a small girl called Munni in the movie. If you are offered such a role, will you want to do it?



Harshali Malhotra as Munni in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Swasti Nitya : I will love to do such a role. You know, even on the show, I did an act called ‘Khamoshi’ in which I became a deaf and dumb girl. The sign languages I learnt were amazing and I had a lot of fun. I would really love doing a role like Munni.

Vanilla News: What a wonderful reply! Ok, tell us about how supportive have your parents  been in your success at India’s Best Dramebaaz?

Swasti Nitya : Mumma and Papa were very supportive. Not only them, but my brother Akshat too. You know, his exams were going but still our parents were with me here and he stayed alone all this while. So, everyone has been really supportive.

Vanilla News: Wonderful! By the way, do you watch cartoon shows?

Swasti Nitya : No! I don’t like Cartoon Shows. I like TV shows, especially those on animal planet and discovery channel.

Vanilla News: Oh! Which is your favorite TV show?

Swasti Nitya : My favorite show is Food Factory on discovery channel.

Vanilla News: Alright! So, amongst the contestants of the show, who is your best friend?

Swasti Nitya : I have many friends there. But no one is my best friend. My best friends are my Mumma, Papa and brother.

Vanilla News: That is great! By the way, which shows have you won before ‘India’s best dramebaaz’?

Swasti Nitya : I have done 4 shows before this, out of which I have won two. First I did ‘Boogie Woogie’ and then ‘Chak dhoom dhoom’, both of which I was a runner up. Then I did ‘Nach le ve’ and ‘Chhote Miyan’ both of which I won.

Vanilla News: Wow! You have done so many things! We are jealous.

Swasti Nitya : *giggles*

Vanilla News: Tell us, there are so many young kids like you, will you like to give them a message from your side?

Swasti Nitya : I only want to tell them that earlier I used to be very nervous whenever I went on stage. I want to tell that they should never get nervous on stage and have a lot of fun in whatever they do.

Vanilla News: Okay Swasti! Thank you very much for talking with us. We wish you all the best for your future. We wish that you meet Madhuri Dixit soon and you become a huge star.

Swasti Nitya : Thank you. Bye!



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