Even before the film release, a video clip overnight, Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier, talking to Hindustan Times, sharing her Fame Experience, said, I do not believe that such a thing has happened. This video has changed my life.

On shooting the video, Priya said that for the romantic songs of the film, the director wanted me to do something different from my eyebrows. I had to express love through expression. I did what I said. 18-year-old Priya Beacom is a first-year student. Priya says that there is no special person in my life right now.

Priya’s film teaser released on KISS DAY, millions of views

Priya further said that I want to focus on my studies and career right now. I will be in my college on valentine. I have not thought much about this.

This video of the viral girl was such a shoot, the director was also surprised

Please tell that Priya’s mother has silenced her daughter on this attribution that is getting around the world. In the conversation with website www.thenewsminute.com Priya Prakash’s mother, Preetha informed that Priya has been sent to the hostel. When was Preetha asked why this was done? So they said that they are in trouble due to the popularity that Priya is getting. He told that the director has refused to give Priya any interview before the film release. Preetha said, “The director says that Priya will not give any interview until her film is released.

Viral Video Comes After Priya’s Valentine’s Day Special Teaser



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