Senior journalist and prime time anchor of The News Hour show Arnab Goswami resigned as the Editor-in-Chief and President (News) of Times Now and ET Now and the nation got to know about it on November 1.

A 23-second video clip from what looked like Arnab’s farewell speech went viral on social media on the day. He could be heard saying “The game has just begun,” while being cheered by his team.

Yesterday, a longer clip of Arnab’s farewell meeting was uploaded on YouTube. In the video, however, a calm, smiling and emotional Arnab could be seen. Often criticised for raising his voice and the aggressive style of moderating the debate prime time show, this video shows he has a toned down, humane side as well.

In the emotional speech, Arnab said, “the game starts now” and advised his team never to lose faith in independent media. He said, “don’t ever lose your faith in independent media. Nobody can teach us independent media. Independent media has come, and I was able to do it only because of you.”

Wiping a tear rolling down his cheek with a finger, Arnab apologised to his team for ‘whatever he may have said’ during his stint. He said, “Whatever I may have said to you, woh maaf kar dena (forgive me). I have only done it because I wanted this channel to be up there.”


He also said, “I am very very grateful that you gave me a chance to lead. I must have done something good…to get so much love from you people.” At this point, the person who’s filming, possibly a woman, could be heard sobbing.

The video ends where Arnab could be heard saying, “I am not going anywhere, it’s a small world. I hope you enjoy it.”