It’s exactly a decade since the Indian team was ignominiously knocked out of the group stage of the 2007 ICC World Cup at West Indies. India had come on the back of good form in ODIs having won series in Sri Lanka and West Indies and was regarded as favorites to go all the way in the tournament.

But it was not to be as India crashed out in the group stages. It started with the defeat to Bangladesh, the lowest ranked Test playing nation. They then lost against Sri Lanka, upon which their elimination was confirmed. Sachin Tendulkar, who was part of the team, said that he had even considered stopping the cricket after the tournament. Speaking to Mid-Day, Sachin Tendulkar said that it was the worst moment of his career. “I was so disheartened! You feel terrible that the game which has shown you the best days of your life was now showing you the worst day of your life. I couldn’t imagine cricket could do this to you. I felt really, really terrible. I felt low and I didn’t leave home for quite some time,” he told MidDay in an interview.

“The 2007 World Cup was obviously not good for us. The first blow was the loss to Bangladesh and then we lost to Sri Lanka. I never thought we would lose to Bangladesh. We were not over-confident, but you do feel confident about India beating Bangladesh. It was one of those uncertainties of the game,” said Sachin Tendulkar. He said that it was a call from West Indies great Sir Vivian Richards that stopped him from retiring after WC 2007  and to get back into the game. “He stressed that I have plenty of cricket left in me and said, ‘You are not going to retire now.’ He had heard from a friend of ours that I was really depressed to a point that I was literally thinking of retiring. He told me that it’s only a matter of time that I get back so don’t take any decision now.”

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