Of all the things in the world, this has got to be the best worst reason to call off a wedding.

According to a ToI story, a couple from Kanpur, all set to get married, faced a speedbump that would prove to be completely fatal to their impeding marriage.

During a meet at a temple, while deciding how to split wedding expenses, the discussion digressed to India’s present economic condition. The bride-to-be, who is a government employee, held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for India’s poor economic condition. The groom-to-be, a businessman turned out to be a Modi supporter and disagreed with her.

The argument turned into a heated discussion and subsequently a fight that led both of them to call off the wedding. Say whatever you want, they both seem to have dodged a bullet here.

The woman government employee was convinced that PM Narendra Modi was responsible for the county’s poor economic condition, but the businessman was a Modi supporter. A heated discussion followed and the prospective bride and groom decided to part ways.

They told their respective (shocked) families they were not interested in getting married any more.

The woman strongly believed that PM Narendra Modi is responsible for poverty and other terrible conditions in our country. Whereas the husband felt otherwise. He strongly believed that NaMo is doing his best to fix everything, gradually.

Little did they know that the Prime Minister of India is going to be the reason why they’re going to separate. Both of them had a heated argument on this topic and eventually decided to call it quits.