WhatsApp has rolled out an update to its iOSapp. The new update brings a host of interesting features such as bigger emoji, zoom in/out functionality for video recordingand the ability to delete multiple private chats simultaneously.

The update (version 2.16.7) brings bigger emoji . When users send a single emoji in a group or private chat, it will be displayed in a bigger size. However, multiple emoji show up in their normal sizes.
Along with this, the update introduces the ability to zoom in/out while recording a video. Users just need to tap on the camera icon in order to start recording a video, and zoom in/out by sliding the phone up and down. Moreover, the recording will stop when users zoom in and automatically start when the perfect frame is selected.

The Edit button’s functionality has also been updated. Users can delete, mark as read and archive multiple chat in one go. The delete button is functional only for private chats and group chats have to be deleted one at a time.
 Along with these, WhatsApp has also incorporated new Olympic-themed emoji to commemorating Rio Olympics 2016.
 Recently, WhatsApp introduced voice mail and call back functionality. The app’s Android beta version 2.16.189 adds the two features under the call log section. The voice mail and call back options can be seen when a user fails to answer a WhatsApp call. Users on the other side need not require the particular version of the app for this.