WhatsApp started as a simple substitute to instant messaging in 2010, and has now made its way into every bit of our lives. If the ‘last seen at’ option that lets your mother or your boss or your partner keep a constant check on you wasn’t enough, WhatsApp decided to add the ‘read receipts’ feature in 2014 that let the other person know when you’ve read their text (do they even realise how many relationships have suffered?). Thankfully these options, that were initially launched as mandatory functions, were later turned into optional features where one could choose to switch it off (we highly recommend opting out of each one of them).


But now, WhatsApp’s CEO Jan Koum has announced that from 5 February the next update of the application will notify users every time their chats are screenshot. Errr…what?


Thankfully, the users can choose to keep it, or switch it off; similar to all other previous functions.  Koum told an online portal that people had been asking for this service and they have finally gone ahead with it. He also mentioned a little bit of a selfish reason to roll out this function — he is tired of his girlfriend screenshotting his chats.


After this, people have also raised a request to get notification when nudes are forwarded. And we have every reason to believe that Koum is considering it, “It’s not about the privacy of the person who screenshots the chat or the person who forwards the nude, it’s about the privacy of the affected person, and we’re gonna do it you like it or not.”