After Facebook data leak, it is continuously raising questions on the social media website. But should not the question of Android security? You may find this a bit ominous, but this is true. It is only recently reported that Facebook has information from your call details to text messages which you can access yourself.

Facebook users who have call and text message data are mostly Android users. Why is it that Facebook keeps the calls and messages data of Android users, while Apple iPhone users do not have this. We have downloaded the Facebook data of Android and iOS users for this and found that call details and text messages of iOS users are not on Facebook. While the Android phone’s call details and messages can be read and viewed.

In such a situation, questions should arise not only on Facebook but Android, because when it comes to your privacy and security, it can not be compromised. We asked to download Facebook data from many Android users and we found call details and text messages in almost everyone’s Facebook data. These include debt, duration, and content.

There is generally a perception that Android is less than iOS in terms of security and privacy. Whether it’s a malware attack on the Play Store or a user permissions simpler.

App permissions system

How much data does Facebook have on Facebook, it also depends on how the app permissions system is in its smartphone. An app permissions system is a feature that allows you to allow an app before installing it on your smartphone so that it can monitor your smartphone and your activities. Now whatever the argument is going on here.

Speaking of iOS, privacy settings are preferred in app permissions. The privacy option is kept up and in such a way it is easier for the user to disable or enlarge it. While in Android this is not easy, especially in the old version of Android users can not disable special permissions. While you can disable any permissions you give to an app that you do not need in iOS.

While installing the Facebook Messenger app on Android, you are asked for permissions in which one option is this so that you can import the Facebook message Android’s natively message. Apart from this, you do not have much choice to do the permissions control, while installing Messenger app in iOS you get pop up several times, so you can control which permissions the app has to give and what kind of permissions do not give is. This is just an example of how Android users inadvertently put themselves in danger by giving more permissions to the app.

It has also been found in studies that malware attacks are more on Android than iOS. That’s because Android is considered to be a more open source, while Apple controls iOS and you can not easily install third-party apps that are not available in the App Store. But they can install apps from anywhere in Android. You can know what’s inside of Android, but it’s almost impossible to do this in iOS. App developers can easily make changes in the Android app, which can lead to security flaws.

Since Apple does not issue its source code, it is even more difficult to discriminate, which you know as jailbreak. Speaking of Android, the phone can easily be made to make any kind of changes. Experts believe that making Android secure to iOS level is not easy. Because Apple controls both hardware and software, while Android is in any company’s smartphone, it is difficult for Google to control it.

Taking lessons from Facebook’s recent data leaks and data recording, Google needs to make changes to Android, so that the user’s privacy and security cannot be compromised.

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