WWE bet huge on Roman Reigns a long time ago, but their investment in him only increased last November when Seth Rollins went down with a serious injury that cost him seven months of his career. WWE had to push Roman Reigns as their top guy in the company, which got him from Survivor Series through WrestleMania 32, where he was booed out of Dallas after overcoming the biggest heel in the company and becoming the WWE Champion as a face.

WWE took it all in stride because they assumed that the WWE Universe would eventually subside to Roman Reigns’ position in the company. That was until a few weeks ago when Roman failed WWE’s Wellness Policy, was forced to drop the WWE title to Seth Rollins at WWE Money in the Bank, and serve a 30-day suspension that will be up just before WWE Battleground.

The mistake could prove to be costly for Reigns, because it is a long fall from the top, which is bad enough. However, there are some rumors going around that Vince McMahon doesn’t support Roman Reigns the way that he was before the suspension, and that will make it much more difficult for Reigns to regain a top position in the company as “The Guy” in WWE.

According to a report from Daily Wrestling News, Vince McMahon is said to be extremely high on Seth Rollins and AJ Styles right now. Apparently, Vince has made comments that he wishes he had brought Styles to WWE 10 years ago. McMahon has always been very high on Rollins, so that’s nothing new.

Because of Vince McMahon’s feelings towards Rollins and Styles, there have reportedly been some talks within WWE that both men will become the faces of both Raw and SmackDown after the WWE Draft and brand split. It’s recently been reported that John Cena will have a lighter schedule with WWE, but Reigns may have been knocked off the pedestal as the face of Raw.

It’s being said that Vince McMahon is very down on Roman Reigns right now. There are multiple sources claiming that Roman failed the WWE Wellness Policy at the worst possible time because Vince was apparently beginning to sour on him already. With the WWE Draft and brand split coming up so quickly, Vince most likely feels let down by Reigns, which has left Vince’s opinion to be lower on Reigns than it ever has been since he debuted in WWE.

The belief now is that McMahon and other WWE officials are far more open to giving Reigns’ momentum and push to someone else, like AJ Styles or Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns will still be a heavily featured performer on WWE television, but he’s going to be taking part in a “redemption” storyline for quite some time. He’s also rumored to be in line for a possible heel turn soon.