– As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, Vince McMahon named Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of RAW and Shane McMahon the commissioner of SmackDown. Vince also stated that both Stephanie and Shane would have to pick a GM for their brands, and the GM’s would be revealed next week on RAW.

Shane has decided who will be the Smackdown General Manager and posted this teaser on Twitter:

“I’m very excited to announce that terms were agreed to today with the new Smackdown GM. The person will be revealed live this Monday on Raw.”

The old school quarters of the IWC were overjoyed when Shane McMahon was named Commissioner of SmackDown this past week on RAW. While this would mean that WWE’s flagship show is off limits for the elder McMahon, the prospect of him helming a show which has equally high billing is exciting.

But that excitement might not last if what the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is true. According to the publication, Shane was overheard telling some friends that he is uncertain of how long he will remain on WWE TV.

This could be construed two ways – that he will be more of a behind-the-scenes presence or that he could take a break from making appearances. Considering his recent coronation and the fact that he will act through a general manager, the former seems a likelier outcome.

Both Shane and Stephanie will have to name general managers for their respective shows on next week’s episode of RAW. The winds that carry us toward RAW are humming with the name of one former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Daniel Bryan is expected to be named SmackDown General Manager. Another Superstar rumored to be showing up on the blue brand is hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer.