The Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One is now getting the Android Oreo update again, after a brief suspension period. Xiaomi apparently pulled the rollout back to fix some of the bugs that were tagged with the update.

For those of you who have already received updates, patches with most – not all – fixes on-board will be a relatively small matter, but for all those who have not been able to get it yet, the update should be quite a chunky one. This means while new users would be getting an update that’s brand new, users who’re already on Oreo would be basically getting a patch to get most things right.

Xiaomi started rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Android One backed Mi A1 phone from December 31. It seemingly halted the rollout to fix some grueling bugs the said update had tagged along. By the many user complaints on the Mi community forum, it seemed, the number was quite high and because a lot of these bugs seemed to effect all-around performance, it was only fair that Xiaomi pulled the plug on it sooner rather than later.

In the report of many bugs, which actually stood – from the user count – the battery drain that was apparently connected to the MI A1 Bluetooth function. But more was the report of unanswered cameras and uncontrolled dialer app appears to be ambient display notifications for some users, while others were reporting problems with the app button.

Xiaomi acknowledged some of these issues and even posted workarounds around some of them. “We stumbled upon an issue where users are not able to call and dialer app is getting hanged or there’s an unusual delay in making the call.

But since the update seemed to be full of bugs, Xiaomi apparently Mi decided to pull the rollout back completely. Now, it seems, things are back on track for Mi A1.

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