Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress in the Cambridge Analytica Data Leak case. Here he assured that the forthcoming elections to be held in India will not be affected by Facebook. They are trying for that.

In response to a question, Zuckerberg said, “2018 is a very important year in view of elections. There are mid-term elections in the US this year. There are also elections in countries like India, Pakistan, and Brazil. We assure that we will do all this so that these elections are not affected.

Zuckerberg wrote a post on Facebook about the elections in 2018. In his post, he had told that the company has taken so many steps in this matter so far and can take stern steps further. Zuckerberg has acknowledged his mistake in the case of Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg apologizes

At the beginning of the hearing in front of the US Congress, Zuckerberg apologized. He said, ‘I am sorry that Facebook data leak proved to be slow in catching the case. This is my fault. please forgive me. I started Facebook, I run it and I am responsible for whatever happened. ‘

44 senators questioned in 5 hours

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered sharp questions about the Cambridge Anilica data leak in front of the US Congress. During this, 44 senators asked him repeatedly. Everyone was given 5 minutes. The hearing lasted nearly 5 hours. During this two breaks were taken. At the same time, answering many questions, Zuckerberg looked very frightened.

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